Aren’t Russian Wives Submissive?

russloveSome Western men think that Russian wives are submissive. This is a complete myth that is spread due to the fact, that Russian women don’t present themselves as feminists and prefer traditional family values.

Russian wives are ok with men being the head of the family and earning more money. They are raised with this model in their mind. They like when their men take care of them and are not afraid to admit their men are better in certain things. Together with this they are aware of their worth. Russian women value femininity, tenderness, beauty and ability to be a great wife and mother to their children. They like to be admired by their men and in return they pay with deep respect, love and appreciation.

Together with this, they are strong, resourceful and can choose challenging jobs and make prestigious carriers. However, if they would have to choose between family and carrier, 99 percents would choose home hearth and family. In Russian culture successful woman is one who has a good husband and at least one kid.

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If Russian women were submissive they would have never survived in the tough Russian environment. Some of Russian women have to deal with drunk and aggressive men. You better not know the bad side of a Russian woman. However, if your treat your lady right, be sure you are on a safe side. 😉

So, never expect your Russian wife to be your trophy or slave and do all the things you want to be done and listen to everything you say. The most of Russian women are very smart and erudite and are not afraid to express their points of view.

There is a famous Russian wife saying that a man is a head of the family, but a woman is its neck, where the neck turns, there a head looks. It is really so!

If you respect your Russian wife and treat her right, you will get the most loving and the most dedicated wife eager to do everything to make you happy.

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