7 reasons to date a Russian woman

sex russian womenWhile the trend of dating women from a particular region may vary in time, the popularity of women from Russia still remains unbeatable. Those who have not experienced it yet are probably wondering why. For that we have put together a list of reasons why men from the Western part of the world think that Russian ladies are the best. 

It is possible to find “your type”

You cannot describe with few sentences how a typical Russian girl looks like. The variety of facial features, hair color and body types is just endless. The Russian nation is a mixture of traits that belong to various ethnic groups that is why you can see the huge variation. Among the most prominent features are the big eyes and slim bodies.

Strong personality

The life in modern environment is often full of stress and requires a lot of endurance. The life in Russia on average is still less comfortable than it is in the West. Even the weather plays its own role in it. That is why the personality of the Russian women is mostly strong and they are not new to knowing how to adapt in different situations. They are also very good at comforting their partners when they have difficult time in life.

Family oriented

In Russian culture they believe that the children are the greatest gift that women can give to their husbands. The majority of the ladies still shares this belief. Therefore, if you are palnning to have a big and happy family, it is a good option to consider finding a Russian partners personal. Women from this region are also known for their power to pull the family together and maintain the relationships and family ties.typical Russian girl

They are familiar with hard work

Whether it is about their job or housekeeping, Russian girls are never afraid of “getting their hands dirty”. If they feel that something needs to be done, they do it regardless of how they feel that moment. Sometimes there is even a risk that a lady puts too much responsibility on herself, so be careful and do not let her get too overwhelmed.

You will always be interesting for each other

Specialists who study relationships between people belonging to different nations and cultures say that such relationships are more lasting. It often happens that partners know each other too well. They simply lack that “surprise” and enthusiasm typical for early stage of dating. But if your girlfriend comes from another country and absolutely different culture – my friend, you will never feel bored!

The percentage of divorce is more than twice smaller among mixed couples! The good news is that you will also be interesting for your significant other as long as you are together. Even the communication itself with someone from another country is exciting. Actually it’s such a kind of excitement that never ends.date a Russian woman

Pure passion

Russians have a very old proverb saying that a true Russian woman is able to enter a burning house and stop a running horse. Well, it’s an exaggeration, of course, but the message is clear: a girl from Russia doesn’t consider limitations. She does what she wants and knows what real passion means. She is not afraid of new things. All of that makes a Russian woman the hottest lover in the world. There’s just nothing to add here. You must try Russian sex dating yourself.


Finally, you’d never find a better wife than a Russian lady. They are brought up to remain faithful not matter what. A Russian girl would never leave you because of money or any other things like that. If you treat your Russian woman with love and respect she will always be near. Remember it! A girl from Russia loves attention. She will pay back for every good word and act you say or do.